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Mercedes West Fine Jewelry

Mercedes West is a company composed by the artist Mercedes West and business partner Gabriela Rocha.

Gabriela, is original from the state of Minas Gerais, comes from a family with tradition in the business of jewelry and provides the logistical aspect of the enterprise. Together they have teamed up and look forward to take these creations around the world.

Mercedes West was raised in Salvador, in the state of Bahia, Brazil. She was actually born in Mexico to a household accustomed to take their home to different places and cultures, mostly Latin America. Influences from all these memories, together with her degree in architecture and apprenticeships in Germany, formed the intriguing artist that was able to combine all references into seamless objects of beauty, interest and fun.

More than eyepieces, these ornaments engage and request to be touched, moved, fiddled and adapted by the wearer. These ergonomic pieces speak back, and request a dialogue! Photography barely makes justice to the intricate angles and articulations and almost hidden details that will surprise when the right streak of light reveals unsuspected portions of them. The design and craft of Mercedes West jewelry reflects a deep understanding of materials, their weight and strength, demonstrated with the gracious and unpredictable plays with balance of the forms and articulations.

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